In-House Databases


Our databases enable property professionals to reach property users

This is undoubtedly the most effective way of empowering commercial agents with occupier data.

A database of local/regional commercial property occupiers enables easy and regular access to your main market place for promoting instructions and professional services.

We currently supply and maintain in-house databases for over a dozen commercial agency offices, annually providing over half a million records. This information is supplied on a quarterly basis with monthly refreshes.

Our easy to use Microsoft Access Software (also available in Microsoft Excel) provides selective searches by postcode, property type, employee size and business category, targeting individual streets or industrial estates.  Linking local branches to the national estates contact at head offices can also be done with ease.

Once selective target lists have been produced, printing of personalised mail-merge letters and labels can be carried out with ease.  Telesales reporting and sending an e-shot to those contacts with an email address is a simple exercise through Outlook. Using Microsoft Access allows ease of exporting data to Excel for further manipulation.

Our service includes installing software, providing data, training and support (remote and on site).

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