Data Collection


Data Collection

Legal Basis

At Direct Approach Marketing we have carefully considered the requirements of current data protection regulations and legislation i.e. GDPR to ensure compliance and to give reassurance that all data collected and processed is done so in a fair and balanced way without unduly impacting the rights of individuals.

There are 6 options available under GDPR for business, the following 2 relate to direct marketing activities:

  1. Gaining individual consent
  2. Demonstrating a legitimate interest

Due to the nature of our business, the low sensitivity of data we collect and process and the risk of causing harm or distress to individuals, we have opted to incite Recital 47 of GDPR: ‘The processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest.’

These grounds were endorsed following a detailed Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) where our and our clients business critical needs were considered.  These business critical needs were measured against the impact the collection and use of personally identifiable data could have on the rights of individuals.

Likewise with email addresses we are ever mindful of PECR requirements and adhere strictly to the requirements of the regulations.

Data Research Methods

  • All of the personal data we collect is sourced by our in house team, by street surveys conducted by our own surveyors or via the Post Office Address File (PAF).
  • It is not enough to have your data, our in-house team of researchers telephone local occupiers to check and confirm the data we hold, advising clearly who we are, why we are calling, how the data may be processed and providing an opt out. 
  • We will only process or pass on your data for processing if it has been checked in this way within the previous 6-18 month period.

Data We Collect and Process

  • Facilities contact name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address where appropriate
  • Number of Employees
  • Business Category

We collect only the minimum information necessary for the sole purpose of providing commercial property professionals with details of potentially interested commercial property occupiers with details of their services.  These professional services include property disposal, property acquisition and professional services such as rent reviews, and business ratings advice.

How we Use Information

Our bespoke databases contain B2B data which is used to promote the services of UK property management service companies to UK commercial property occupiers.  The data collected and processed is considered unlikely to affect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals concerned.

The data is used only to promote direct marketing services by mail, email or telephone unless otherwise instructed by you or someone speaking on your behalf.

We have adopted stringent strategies and measures in order to ensure your rights and privacy where your personally identifiable data is processed by ourselves (or our client).  May it also be stated that at any time from collection of data through to processing of data you have the right to ask us not to process your data by contacting us.


Direct Approach Marketing are extremely mindful of the security and integrity of all personal data they collect and process.  The internal processes and measures we have put in place are to ensure compliance with all aforementioned regulations/legislation and good practice. 

Data is only processed and transferred in encrypted files which are password protected to verified users

Opting Out/Unsubscribing

At any stage in our collection and verification process you have the right to advise us that you no longer wish us (or our clients) to contact you.

Additionally, following any contact via letter or email you may request to be removed from our database by contacting us direct at Direct Approach Marketing Ltd (see contact details below.)

Data Protection Officer

Direct Approach Marketing have appointed a Data Protection Officer who has responsibility for ensuring compliance to current regulatory/legislative requirements and good practice.  If you have any questions or comments on any of our practices, please contact her at Direct Approach Marketing Ltd.

Your Right to Complain

Should you have the need to complain about how Direct Approach Marketing have collected or processed your data please contact Direct Approach Marketing Ltd.  If you are not satisfied with how your complaint is dealt with, please contact the Information Commissioner’s Offices (ICO) on 0303 1231113 or visit their website.

Contact Direct Approach Marketing

Direct Approach Marketing Ltd, 6 Peerglow Centre, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9QL. Telephone 01920 444110 or email