HTML Newsletters


HTML Newsletters

This service facilitates the promotion of a number of building instructions as part of a corporate initiative. It is designed to enable quarterly promotional activities allowing for a 'pick and mix' of instructions to be included.  

This service is FREE when we receive regular mailing instructions from you. 

The Newsletter Design

The newsletter typically includes 3 building instructions.  Links to your clients' websites, your own company website,  virtual tours, brochures, pdfs, logos and images are incorporated.  Details on whom to contact are part of the design - photographs and email addresses.

e-Mailing The Newsletter

We send the Newsletter on your behalf to a predetermined list of local business occupiers.  Occupier email addresses are GDPR/PECR compliant and have been verified by our own team of telephone researchers. 


We deal with all unsubscribe requests and remove the onus from you for non compliance.


We provide you with details on hot prospects in the form of 2 reports i.e. a preliminary report (3 hours after e-mailing) and a final report within 3 working days.

The reports provide you with details on recipient activity, for example, read rates and click throughs to webisites.

For further details please contact either Michael or Elaine

Example HTML Newsletter